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At Metro Skip Hire in Southeast of Melbourne, we know how important it is to recycle in the current climate. This is why we do everything we can to keep the loads we collect in the most efficient state so we can recycle the goods. Learn more below about our recycling methods, below.

We Recycle 85% of Your Waste

Load your waste into our bins and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our staff will separate your rubbish and sift through the material, keeping as much as possible for other uses and only committing what little we can’t recycle to landfill.

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What We Accept

General household, garden and builders’ rubbish can go into our bins. Let us know what materials you intend to use our bins for at the time of booking so we can give you the appropriate bins.

Green Waste

Green Waste is sorted by removing and mulching contaminated waste. It’s then taken to companies who further compost, screen and process it, creating a marketable and viable gardening product.


Concrete is dispatched to concrete recyclers to be crushed back into various grades of crushed concrete and crushed rock for use in road making and paving.


Timber products are sorted, removing waste and contaminants and separating out any treated timber or processed particleboards. We then dispatch it for processing at a timber waste recycling facility.


Soils are separated, screened and dispatched as a fill product, often to developments such as golf courses or to re-contour a site for building or landscaping purposes.

Bricks and Masonry

Bricks and masonry are sorted, the fines (soils) removed and litter picked out, creating a clean masonry product.

Scrap Metals

Scrap Metals are sorted and dispatched for recycling. Where possible, we also separate stainless steel, copper, brass, lead and aluminium.

General Rubbish

General rubbish is taken to landfill. Rubbish includes anything that is not recyclable or not economically viable to recycle.

Skip Hire

We have all the Skip’s and Bin’s you need for your waste removal project at a range of affordable prices. You can hire cheap skips, hook bins, equipment for bathroom renovations, household clean up services, garden clean up services, house renovation services, and much more.

Our bins and transport are various sizes to accommodate your bespoke project.

For more on our recycling methods, call
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